Siyetehan 2019: Lessons on storytelling, passion-led careers, surviving advertising, and creativity

Learning won’t stop, don’t stop in Seven A.D.! This year, we invited some of the best creative minds in the business to inspire our own young creatives during our Siyetehan sessions. 

Ian Sta. Maria, Senior Concept Artist at LEGO, lured us into the multi-verse to uncover creative ideas and techniques.



Next, the one-and-only Budjette Tan, Creative Director at LEGO, showed us how to conjure Mananggals, Tikbalangs, Sigbins, and the magic of creative storytelling. 



We also had a taste of reality with practical lessons on TV viewership, online streaming, and surviving the advertising world from ABS-CBN VP of Marketing Nandy Villar.



Capping off 2019’s Siyetehan series is Ony Carcamo, a long-time adman turned storyteller turned the Philippines’ premiere ventriloquist, who shared inspiring stories on how to make your passion your career. 



Seven A.D. CEO Teeny Gonzales leads 4As as 2019 President

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines (4As) is the country’s leading advertising organization tasked with guiding and moving the creative industry forward. At the helm this 2019 is Seven A.D. CEO Teeny Gonzales. She has previously held the positions of Board Secretary and Director for Creative Services, and Corporate Comptroller.


As this year’s 4As President, Teeny reminds the industry that creativity is and will always be at the heart of what we do amidst changing landscapes and technological developments. This is also in line with the year’s theme, “Creativity Means Business”. 

“As technology becomes dispensable and is here today and gone tomorrow, great ideas that build businesses will become more and more of a necessity and will be key to making us indispensable. So let us not lose sight of the value that our craft and expertise bring. Because at the end of the day, technological innovation will come and go, but creativity is here to stay. And so are we,” she said.

Seven A.D. wins top awards at the 21st AOY

For the fourth straight time, Seven A.D. walks away with the Independent Agency of the Year Award at the 21st AOY.
On top of this, the agency also takes home the Best in Market Performance honors and becomes the first Indie agency to win the said award.







Meet the new members of Seven A.D.

Seven A.D. beefs up its team with the addition of new Account Managers, Art Directors, Copywriter and Digital Strategist.


(L-R Account Managers: Joe, Pheobe & Gab)


(L-R Digital Strategist: Justine and Account Manager: Guada)


(L-R Art Directors: Renzo & Kevin, Copywriter: JM)


Seven A.D. x CDM

Seven A.D. partners up with Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Program to sharpen the team’s digital skills through a comprehensive 4-week training camp.







Seven A.D. Presents

Seven A.D. ups their game with new ways to charm you through a presentation skills workshop by Business Works!


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