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Teaching kids to read our stories too.

Seven A.D. partners with Adarna Publishing House to encourage kids and their parents to include local books in their literary repertoire. We wanted to show the value of reading local children’s books and make readers (especially parents) realize that Filipino kids growing up reading only foreign stories might be less appreciative of their heritage. It’s time that we make our kids embrace our stories and our culture too.

We developed posters featuring classics like Snow White, Goldilocks and Rapunzel but this time showing a Filipino-looking characters and scenes. The copy further drills it down and states the incongruity of these stories to local reality, signed-off by the line “Let’s tell them to read our stories too” with the Adarna House logo. The visuals were rendered like storybook art to make the posters seem like they came right out of a children’s book page. The style illustrates even more dramatically how beautiful our own characters could be albeit misplaced in these stories.

The posters were placed in bookstores and in the Adarna bookshop.