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Narito Ako Pilipino

PANA, together with Seven A.D., launched the Narito Ako Pilipino campaign aimed to remind every Filipino that little acts of kindness can actually make a big difference to the country.

We created an anthem for change – “Narito Ako Pilipino” (Here I am, Filipino), sung by various Filipino artists. The 2010 People Power Anniversary became the perfect opportunity to launch the campaign, as it reminded everybody that change can happen, if we all do our part.

The campaign came to life on Facebook and Twitter – two of the most popular networking sites in the country. We encouraged people to relive the spirit of EDSA, by declaring their small contribution for change on their walls, starting with the statement “Narito Ako Pilipino”.

On the People Power Anniversary, the song was played on top radio stations. After the song, we encouraged everybody to take part in the People Power celebration happening on the same day at a later time.

The song awakened the patriotism of the Filipinos, as it became the battle cry for the new revolution. And once again, people converged as thousands attended the event. People also united on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter were flooded by “Narito Ako” declarations.

Through an act as small as creating a song and posting declarations on our walls, we were able to unite the Filipinos, proving that little acts can indeed, make a big difference.