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Joining in the fight against sex trafficking.

Seven A.D. partners with Called to Rescue, an NGO that aims to put a stop to sex trafficking in the country.

Currently, the Philippines is ranked fourth in the world where the crime is most prevalent. We needed to let the people be aware and be outraged by the inhumanity of this crime and more importantly, to instill vigilance to protect our women and the youth against sex trafficking.

The “Container Van” was one of the many efforts we developed to create empathy for the victims. We recreated one of the ways by which victims are taken out of the country – through shipment via cargo van. Inside people went through the nightmare through a special audio presentation.

“Langaw” and “Tsinelas” print ads were put in broadsheets, putting the readers in the shoes of the victims and making them feel their pain and helplessness to shake people out of their indifference. Posters were also placed in schools to educate kids who could be potential victims on how to defend themselves against sex traffickers.

Since the launch of the awareness campaign, Called to Rescue has received over P8M in pledges and donations and has secured an estimated 5M in media values to sustain its efforts.