Joining in the fight against sex trafficking.

Seven A.D. partners with Called to Rescue, an NGO that aims to put a stop to sex trafficking in the country.

Currently, the Philippines is ranked fourth in the world where the crime is most prevalent. We needed to let the people be aware and be outraged by the inhumanity of this crime and more importantly, to instill vigilance to protect our women and the youth against sex trafficking.

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Narito Ako Pilipino

PANA, together with Seven A.D., launched the Narito Ako Pilipino campaign aimed to remind every Filipino that little acts of kindness can actually make a big difference to the country.

We created an anthem for change – “Narito Ako Pilipino” (Here I am, Filipino), sung by various Filipino artists. The 2010 People Power Anniversary became the perfect opportunity to launch the campaign, as it reminded everybody that change can happen, if we all do our part.

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Teaching kids to read our stories too.

Seven A.D. partners with Adarna Publishing House to encourage kids and their parents to include local books in their literary repertoire. We wanted to show the value of reading local children’s books and make readers (especially parents) realize that Filipino kids growing up reading only foreign stories might be less appreciative of their heritage. It’s time that we make our kids embrace our stories and our culture too.

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